7 Shocking Easy Simple Hacks To Make Your Car Winter Ready

7 Unusual Hacks To Make Your Car Ready For Winter




So maybe you just recently purchased a vehicle. Or maybe you have a car that’s been sitting for awhile. Now all of a sudden it doesn’t turn on. Immediately you begin to panic and ponder, ”Hmm are there any used car buyers near me?” Too soon for that. Sure, you have car troubles, but who doesn’t. Whatever it is, you’d like for it to perform amazing year round if possible. Right? Well, I might be able to help with that.

With the colder months quickly creeping up on us, it’s important to have a winter car maintenance checklist and to have tips and hacks for a winter ready car or vehicle. Assuming your wiper blades, heat, defrost etc are all in working order, take heed to these other main tips and winter car hacks listed below.

Often times car owners and buyers will purchase a vehicle, drive it until it rusts, or even let it sit until it can drive no longer. Cars are like babies and children. If we the car owners don’t treat our vehicles with care and attention, the affects will be noticeable later down the line.

It’s not a big deal to do a little work to your vehicle to prepare it for the colder months. How to prepare your car for winter is a question asked over and over due to not being given a solid set of tips and steps to take. Until now. What you’re about to read are by far the best winter travel tips for safe travel.

Through these tips you will finally be able to overcome the harsh winters and even simply have a to-do list annually for your vehicle. Check it out!



Car Maintenance Guide 101



Let’s start with the basics. Start and run your car daily. 



You may be thinking, ”Pay Max, get my car ready for winter!” Well, believe it or not, this step is so underrated on so many levels due to people overlooking it. Picture this. You take a shower everyday right? Why? Because you do not want your body to become dirty, remain dirty, take in any bad toxins, and you simply want to have that fresh feeling right? Same with your cars.

They need to be started every day (Especially as we get colder and colder) and driven to knock off any rust they may have accumulated overnight and through the days. I personally consider these helpful winter car tips. I still used these.

Cars also need the insides to be primed and ready for the day. The same with how we do our bodies in the morning. Generally, we stretch, yawn, take a second to breathe, wash, and then hit the day.

And if you notice, on the days you’re late for work or school, you feel extra tired if you just jump in and go without giving your body a chance to get acclimated to what lies ahead. Consider this a pre winter car maintenance guide. Maintaining your car in the winter is a tough task that many never accomplish. Follow these tips and your bound to have a winter proof car!



  • Let your vehicle sit and run for a few minutes before taking off.  


Always let your car sit in the mornings regardless of the season. This allows your car to warm up to the day and is the car’s shower in the morning (If that makes sense). If you simply jump in and go (Especially in the winter) it’s like someone waking you up with a cold bucket of water, leaving you shocked, angry, and confused. Don’t do that to your vehicle.

Take care of your possessions.

People consistently ruin their vehicles by ignoring this step over the years and practically abusing it. It may sound drastic, but put yourself in the cars shoes. On the positive side, this step alone adds plenty of life to the average car life span. Do I have your attention now? The same way you wake your kids, nieces, nephews up in the morning (gently) is the same way you need to treat your vehicle.

Clean it daily. Start it. Let it sit. Drive. Let it rest. This should be your daily creed when approaching ANY vehicle you have. This in the future prevents car maintenance and repair costs.





  • Stock up on engine starter spray for your engine in the winter. (Winter Road Travel Essentials) 


If step 1 & 2 are consistently avoided, you will run into this problem and needing this spray. You may be thinking, spray? Yes, spray. This tool is quite effective when attempting to start your vehicle in those terrifying cold mornings.Ever had those morning where you’re late for work and you’re rushing to your car thinking every is perfectly fine.

Put the key in and………….Nothing.

Complete silence, (Dead battery clicks). This is by far one of the worst feelings any human get’s per year. It’s freezing, you’re late, job on the line, car won’t start or even try to and time is not your friend. So you need a quick solution.

Winter car tips

Sold at almost every major retailer, engine spray works miracles in the mornings while warming up your engine and priming it to start. It’s that extra boost your vehicle needs when in those cold temperatures, and tough environments of the winter. Give your engine the boost what it needs in the soon coming winter mornings.



  • Purchase New Tread Tires 

Probably the riskiest move you will ever make is driving out in the winter times with bald tires. Simply put, it’s extremely dangerous. Have you ever been to a skating rink but you didn’t know how to skate, so you’re just slipping and sliding? Well, welcome to your vehicles world.

You don’t have to purchase the best winter tires or the best rated snow tires, you simply need grip. The best all season tires for winter driving are available at many retailers and tire shops. Some come with double the needed tread and grip to ensure your safety. Never cheat this step. Safety is everything.

Driving in the winter with a sense of confidence is a huge factor, believe it or not. If you’re worried and not focused on your driving it can be a even bigger hazard. Avoid all of the cautions and protect you and your vehicle out the gate with preferably studdable tires, however at least with the ones that have decent grip.


Best winter tips



  • Keep Tools With You At All Times (Winterize Car Checklist)

    No matter how new your car is, no matter how expensive it was, no matter how many times you had it fixed and upgraded, the winter season has no favorites. We’re all at risk. Winterize your vehicle and nothing less! Here are a few tools to pack and to always keep with you.  Always have a winter car emergency kit checklist so that you can be confident and organized.

  1.   Jumper Cables – Need I explain more? I will. Getting stranded in the summer is much different than getting stranded in the winter. Always have plans in case of emergencies.
  2.   Tire changing equipment – Can’t drive on a flat. Always carry a spare tire. If you lack any of these, at that point without them you enter survival mode. Survival mode doesn’t last long without heat, spare tires and assistance.
  3.   Generator – This eliminates you having to stress over a dead battery with no heat and no way to charge your electronics. Bring a heater with you and have proper device charging equipment, and you will be safe for quite awhile.


Check out this video on other great tools to keep with you during your winter travel excursions! 



  • Pack Travel Safety Food Packs

  • Being stranded without cables and tire changing gear is one thing. However, being stranded in the winter without food or water is a totally different experience. Your life is now at hand and it’s no longer an option. Here are a few good options in terms of a winter roadside emergency kit food pack.
  1. Water– Skip the fancy drinks and the good tasting beverages. You need some good old fashion water to assist you in this time of need. And lot’s of it. Try to always keep a case of water in the trunk for times like these.
  2. Saltine Crackers – They literally never expire and absorb liquids to keep you feeling refreshed.
  3. Beans, snack nuts, cereal – These are all dry enough to stay fresh for very long amounts of time.






I hope you have enjoyed and learned something from these tips and will apply them on your next winter road travel. Be safe!